Usually during childhood every child having too much of persistence to get particular thing for what they are desired to get. When age goes if we retain the same persistence level to get particular thing to succeed in our life will help us to progress in our life. If the desire is well and very competitive it will give maximum satisfaction.if we put 100% effort to reach top, we can reach to the top otherwise we can reach at least near to the top even it will give great satisfaction.

Trying hardly is more better than regretting.if we keep on regret for some reason which we couldn’t get it,it doesn’t make any sense.since we are having many times we can achieve it by next the next attempt we should have confident that I should be the first one to acquire it I won’t let others to own it.that is the real persistence.when comes to life we should be more competitive otherwise it’s very difficult to live as boss. So my suggestion is to grow a persistence level which would help you to succeed..

Thank you


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