parents value

After a long break am back to my site to post the value of our parents.

Usually we always used to be with our parents in each and every circumstances when we were in childhood days. As the days goes why can’t we follow the a days everyone giving the speeches that after 20 years children will not be in Touch with their parents.when I heard I got scared that then who will take care of their parents.when we were children our parents have grown us in well manner and they pampered us more than their lives.when they need help to look after them if children sent them to the oldage house to take care of their parents it doesnt make any sense

I can’t say that the reason to forget our parents are not only the addiction of smartphones, there are many things out of that bad gang of people is the one. When we get our friends and smartphone this is not our accomplishments. For that reason we are keeping them aside isn’t look good and it’s not our culture. They show more concern on their friends but they don’t have sufficient time to speak with their parents.
We may not think so much about our parents and value of parents.when we miss them for a while due to work or when we loose them permanently we should not regret that I shouldnt have done like that.understand the value of your parents before you loose them
Be a happy life with your parents until your last breath.

Thank you….


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